Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy at Beach Smile Family Dentistry your dentist in Norrth Miami fl
Ozone is a kind of supercharged oxygen with many therapeutic uses in biological dentistry. Unlike the two-atom oxygen you breathe, ozone carries a third atom of oxygen, and this is where its “superpower” comes from.

That extra atom attaches to a pollutant – a bacterium or virus or fungus, toxin or parasite – and disrupts its function so it can be readily excreted by the body. This is what makes it such a powerful disinfectant.

Research has shown that ozone can kill harmful microorganisms on contact, improve blood flow, amplify immune responses, speed healing, and decrease risks of post-surgical infection.

Ozone is natural, safe, nontoxic, and has no known side effects.

How We Use Ozone Therapy at Beach Smile Family Dentistry

Here in our office, ozonated water is used in all procedures, including oral surgery, caries treatment, and periodontal therapy. Not only does it help control infection in the mouth, but it helps keep our water lines clean, as well.

Early decay can often be treated with ozone gas alone, without any drilling or filling. If we place sealants to help prevent decay, we apply ozone first to ensure a clean tooth underneath the resin.

Ozone gas is an especially useful tool for treating gum disease, as it can be delivered right into the periodontal pockets where harmful bacteria tend to colonize heavily. Ozone oil – or water or gas – can be used at home, as well, to help keep a healthy microbial balance in the mouth.

Infections such as failed root canals, cavitations (osteonecrotic lesions), and failed implants may be treated by injecting ozone into the area. Tooth extractions and jaw surgeries may well be avoided!

We can even use it preventively as part of your regular visits, “bathing” your teeth in ozone gas through custom-made trays that fit over your teeth.

The power and versatility of ozone in biological dentistry can’t be understated.

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